Business culture hacking at ale2012

Oxygen supply hackThe aim of the business culture hacking event at the Stoos Stampede Amsterdam on July 6th and 7th 2012 was to catalyze action instead of accommodating the overwhelming mess Stoos has identified. While we have gathered insights about potential cracks and had fun at the two sessions, we also have created a queue of ideas, which are left in the darkness of the shadow world – at least for now. Moving ideas into the real world is the hard part – a crack, which was easy to sense at the second session at Amsterdam: business culture itself being a blocker for artful, fun and non-sens, type of actions like a culture hack.

So here is a view of the live line of the business culture hacking idea at Stoos:

On first meetup of Stoos satellite Berlin RE:LEAD, June 19th 2012, Simon said: ‘Let’s get a list of actionable things like hacks from the Stoos Stampede Amsterdam’ ———> idea scale for Stoos Stampede——-> Stoos Stampede Amsterdam July 6th&7th —>  … queue of ideas —> ?|||||#/%% hard part ”#§”||||?

Hacking means doing something and we are not done yet with the first cycle. Let’s meet at the event The Core and Culture Hacking and the open space of the ale2012 unconference to investigate cracks and actually implement hacks in the real world.

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