Hack the hack challenge

To launch this site with a degree of humor and art, Stefan and I would like to offer a Kindle Fire as a challenge to all of the business culture hackers out there.

Hack Queen or Hack King will be announced the last week of September.

Specifically the challenge his this: Can your business culture hack top this hack? Can you think of a business culture hack that changes behaviors so drastically? As you try and top this hack, keep in mind the motivators which must be teased with any good hack. For this example, the person sees the fly and is curious. There is a degree of power, a challenge perhaps, and maybe status (if succeed in removing the fly.) There might be a sense of goals bring achieved, or freedom to do what we think we need to do seeing the fly.

We will keep this hack challenge open until September 20, 2012.  Our Hack Queen or Hack King will be announced the following week!

Happy hacking!

Stefan and Catherine

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